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London Middle School

London, Ohio

London Middle School

London Middle School was a very special project to General Temperature Control.  Our objective was to deliver a high quality, highly efficient heating and cooling system to London City Schools that would save the tax payers money and provide the children a school that is conducive to learning.

 This project was awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification – the highest tier of the LEED certification offered by the U.S. Green Building Council. This certification is offered as a tool to achieve high performance design and construction of buildings in areas such as human and environmental health. It  includes sustainable site development, water savings and using more energy efficient materials to promote indoor environmental quality.

London Middle School is the FIRST school in the state of Ohio to receive this prestigious Platinum award. General Temperature Control was honored to be a part of this great achievement.

The London Middle School project included a geothermal loop system that feeds the heat pumps which provide the heating and cooling for the building. This system has 168 wells positioned on the south side of the property. It took miles of piping and 6000 gallons of glycol to optimize the full potential of the geothermal loop system. This energy efficient system is being used to provide the school with an excellent environment for learning while saving the tax payers thousands of dollars in energy cost yearly.