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April 28 2012

General Temperature Control: Experts in HVAC Retrofits and Mechanical HVAC Service

The age old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” is often the approach taken by many facilities managers and stakeholders. Unfortunately, that may not be the best case scenario when talking about HVAC cost savings. Over the years HVAC equipment has advanced leaps and bounds as technology has presented new solutions to old problems – including the ability to upgrade with HVAC retrofits.

HVAC Retrofits vs. Maintaining Outdated Equipment

Operating and maintaining out- of-date HVAC equipment has many underlying costs that are often not considered when trying to choose between maintaining the current equipment or upgrading with an HVAC retrofit of new components.

  1. Older equipment demands a greater capacity of preventative maintenance and repairs that can usually lead to decreased production – if not a complete shutdown of production altogether. An HVAC retrofit can be done without shutdowns, and with little to no effect on production.
  2.  Unless you have stockpiled a lifetime supply, obtaining outdated parts for your HVAC system is not only difficult (translation -- next to impossible), but you will pay a premium price compared to  cost of HVAC retrofits.
  3. Parts and maintenance costs aside, day to day costs pile up over time. Let’s face it. The rising cost of energy resources is a serious problem.  You wouldn’t consider driving to work in an inefficient vehicle every day. Just like the latest automobile designs, today’s HVAC equipment (including HVAC retrofits) is much more efficient. That increased efficiency has the potential to save the cost of the new HVAC equipment in less than 5 years.

HVAC Retrofits lead to better business management and increased assets.

With the energy savings and available incentives through state and federal government agencies, now is the time to think of retrofitting your HVAC equipment to the more efficient and reliable options of today. Upgrading equipment is part of effectively managing your business and its assets as well as being environmentally responsible and conscious of your impact on our surroundings. 

GTC has the solution to your HVAC service dilemmas.

Columbus, Ohio mechanical services expert, General Temperature Control (GTC), believes in promoting the cause of energy efficiency and sustainability by implementing a broad spectrum of mechanical solutions – including HVAC retrofits. Building better businesses, by working together to solve problems, strengthens communities and promotes a better world for future generations.

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